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Physical practitioner.
Formal experimenter.

I make work that sweats and breathes with brave and curious collaborators. Together we strive to whet the palates of all the senses, dissolving the line between artistic disciplines, reality and fiction, the body and architecture. We build structures in order to tear them down so we can build new ones again. A community erupts out of the art we make.

I am compelled by work that asks me to simultaneously forget and remember who I am, and then drops me off at the other end of a journey disoriented, rearranged, changed. My work attempts to expose the undeniable rawness of the live performative act, a truthtelling—both ugly and beautiful—in that huge range of expression that can move in such a slippery fashion between the empathic and the grotesque on a stage. It’s a rawness worth capturing, born from the possibility of seeing imperfect humans make their noblest attempts to transcend the mundane and predictable in a true celebration of what it is to be alive.