We Play for the Gods

Produced by Women’s Project
Cherry Lane Theater
Written by the Women’s Project Lab
Co-directed by: Mia Rovegno, Sarah Rasmussen, Jessi D. Hill and Nicole Watson
Featuring: Annie Golden, Amber Gray, Alexandra Henrikson, Irene Sofia Lucio, and Erika Rolfsrud

Four women go to work on a seemingly ordinary day only to find that a trickster god has slid through the cracks and cubicles of their office to take them on a journey to the other side of ordinary.

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"Every struggling artist should see the Women’s Project Theater’s brilliant new production—but really everyone (artist or no) should go and be moved by this masterful shout to confront what is un-reckoned with."


"Full of laughs…wry comedy. Annie Golden is delightful."

Associated Press

"Blows the house down…a work you should not miss."