Written by Alexandra Collier
Produced by TerraNOVA Collective at 59E59 Theaters

Scenic Design: Gabe Evansohn
Lighting Design: Burke Brown
Costume Design: Moria Clinton
Sound Design: Elisheba Ittoop

A funny, mythic and magical play exploring the isolation and terror the Australian landscape provokes in its colonial inhabitants.

Featuring: Georgia Cohen, Annie Golden, Daniel K. Isaac, Kiley Lotz, Jens Rasmussen & Angeliea Stark

Read about the play in American Theatre Magazine

"In TerraNOVA's polished production...Mia Rovegno has directed six assertive, beautifully delineated performances"

The New York Times

"Much credit must go to the cast and to director Mia Rovegno for finding the dark heart of the play."

Talkin' Broadway