The Tenant

Created and produced by Woodshed Collective
West-Park Presbyterian Church, NYC
5 directors, 6 playwrights, 23 actors

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Set in Paris and inspired by Roland Topor’s book which was famously adapted into a film by Roman Polanski, The Tenant is a thrilling, haunting, and grotesquely hilarious investigation into the relationship between who we are and where we live.

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"The Tenant is a tightly woven ninety minute psychological thriller, played in the compact environs of West-Park Presbyterian Church, where 23 actors are continually tempting spectators to travel from one intriguing scenario to another."

Michael Dale,

"10 best things onstage in 2011."

L Magazine

"... the moody evening is played with delicious aloofness, even when audience members are standing inches away from the actors ... there was never more than a minute or two of time when I didn't run into an actor doing something interesting."

Michael Dale,