The Maids

By Jean Genet, Translations by: Bernard Frechtman and Martin Crimp
Produced by Brown/Trinity Rep
Pell Chafee Performance Center, Providence, RI

Scenic Design: Tristan Jeffers
Lighting Design: John Eckert
Costume Design: Jenillee Houghton
Sound Design and Music Composition: Matt O’Hare
Prop/Puppet Design: Nina Alexander
Dramaturg: Kristan Seemel
Choreography: Mia Rovegno, Parker Leventer and Charise Greene

Featuring: Charise Greene, Parker Leventer, Cherie Rice, Karl Gregory, Sam Haley-Hill, Per Janson, Patrick Mulryan, Monica Willey, Gillian Williams, Christopher Berry, Rachel Christopher, Olivia D’Ambrosio, Brandon Drea, Tiffany Greene, Jamey Grisham, Zarina Shea, Terrel Sledge, John Tracey, Rich Williams, Michelle Carriger, Elise Morrison, Kathryn Linder, Eunice Png, Corrie Tan

Two sisters disappear into the landscape of their imaginations, plunging into a disorienting world of mirrors and illusions, where reality is never fixed and innocent play conjures dangerous consequence. In our production’s finale, an oversized dress form caging in Claire and Solange flew upwards to reveal a vast open space. In the distance a singing procession of mourners approached from a vacuous abyss where Claire performed an aerial dance, as she passed from life into death.

The computer-assisted accompaniment that Matt O’Hare devised allowed for the soundboard operator to trigger individual chords to accompany live singing. By this method, the music followed the singer and not the reverse. A looping pedal captured phrases sung by the singer, allowing her to sing over herself in real-time.

Click here and here for video of the production.

"Director Mia Rovegno ... asks incredible energy and dexterity from Charise Greene, Parker Leventer, and Cherie Rice, and the result is probably the best, most astonishing production this play has ever had anywhere."

Theater Mirror

"How these women maintain a shape to the whole is miraculous, and the incredible finale is the biggest, best surprise of all."

Theater Mirror