The Body Which Is The Town

By Casey Llewellyn
Produced by Writing Is Live
Music composed by Rick Burkhardt
Music Direction by Rick Burkhardt & Andrew Polec
Leeds Theater, Providence, RI
Scenic Design: Michael McGarty
Lighting Design: Brian Lilienthal
Costume Design: Corina Chase
Sound Design: Alex Eisenberg
Choreography: Kyle Terry

Featuring: Ashley Butler, Deniz Cam, Devon Caraway, Nicole Davis, Jordan DeLoach, Justin Harris, Samuel Keamy-Minor, Crystal Kim, Jessica Ko, Dennis Kozee, Alex Larned, Shadura Lee, Jenn Maley, Peter Martin, Sophie Netanel, Andrew Polec, Dan Rogers, Griffin Sharps, Kyle Terry, Max Wolkowitz, & Alexandra Woodruff

In The Body which is the Town you are invited into the ecosystem of Underhill by Angie, a nine-year-old girl who moved to town when her father was incarcerated in The Cave, a private men’s prison adjoining a women’s prison there. It’s her summer with him, and fissures open in an already broken world when a movie crew shows up to shoot a “reality-inspired” movie in the women’s prison with two queer actors from the city. As romances flare, Angie shows us around her town with the help of local animals all the time writing changes into world history.

The Body was subsequently presented at Prelude 2014 at the Segal Theater Center NYC

Featuring: Eboni Booth, Sam Breslin Wright, Jonathan-David, Eugene Ma, Jermaine Golden, and our amazing Band: Rick Burkhardt, Levy Lorenzo, John Murchison, Dennis Sullivan