Romeo and Juliet

Produced by Hunter College Theatre Department
Loewe Theater, NYC
Scenic Design & Altar Installations: Louisa Thompson
Lighting Design: Ian Calderon
Sound Design/Music arrangement: Brian Hurley
Choreography: Kristin Keim
Costume and Mask design: Jenny Fulton
Day of the Dead Makeup Design: Derya Derman
Fight Choreography: Alex Sovronsky

Shakespeare’s classic star-crossed lovers, set in contemporary Mexico City in the days between Halloween and el Dia de los Muertos, swirling inside that slippery space where the living consort with the dead.

"The production deftly weaves several delightful nods to contemporary culture into a seamless narrative cloth while utilizing the considerable talents of the cast."

The Envoy

"The austere set manages to give flight to the competing impulses of tragedy and comedy, which touch all aspects of this staging."

The Envoy