Love In The Time of Channukah

By Joshua Elias Harmon
Ars Nova, NYC and Hangar Theater, Ithaca, NY

Scenic Design: Jason Simms & Collin Ranney
Lighting Design: Jeffrey Small
Sound Design: Trevor Bachmn & Jim Jackson
Costume Design: Whitney Locher & Eric Abele
Choreography: Cameron Jamarr Davis & Marcin Pawlikiewicz

Featuring: Brandt Adams, Nick Bonnar, Amanda Broomell, Nick Ducassi, Eric Eteuati and Skyler Scott

A college freshman celebrating Channukah on his own for the very first time, gayboi’s got a funky bff, a Neanderthal-lite homophobic roommate, a studly str8 crush, a flaming sidekick and a fairy godmother. But can he find family? And true love? A proper gay fantasia, sans Kushner.

Original Hangar Cast: Christopher Perfetti, Vincenzo Meduri, Cameron Jamarr Davis, Leah Marie Zeller, Luke Sanderford, Marcin Pawlikiewicz