nothin’s gonna change my world
Meditations on that mythological place called home

An immersive exploration of the dislocated and relocated, glimpsing stories from across the nation inspired by This American Life, anonymous letters submitted to Found Magazine, RV living blogs, the Occupy Movement and more.

Written and developed in The Civilians R&D Group. Current recipient of the New Georges Audrey Residency.

That Place On The Map Called France Is Not My Sister

A one-act that follows the patterned variations of a tone row music composition to evoke the kaleidoscopic dream space we enter when waiting for a loved one to die. Two sisters and their grandmother mourn the disappearance of a deadbeat mom, a sister’s failing immune system, and a childhood misplaced long ago. Meanwhile, a supernova is observed in the Milky Way galaxy for the first time since the invention of the telescope.

Written because Lisa D’Amour told me to.


A group of teenage girls struck by a mysterious affliction are forced to turn to social media when their community fails to help them, and decide to take their narrative into their own hands. Inspired by the mysterious case of the twitching girls in LeRoy, NY, Afflicted is a play about what happens when conflicting truths arise through the collision of paranoia, assumption, sensationalism and the human impulse to make sense of the unfathomable.

Written and developed in The Civilians R&D Group.

visionquest: a day with songs

2 Santa Cruz surfer dudes and their divorced neighbor are stuck in a rut of self-imposed stasis. When they decide to host an impromptu party, inclement weather and an escaped rattlesnake throw a wrench into their plans. Trapped in a torrential storm and subsequent blackout, they unexpectedly evolve into a found family as they embark upon a surreal journey with the help of some unexpected heralds along the way. visionquest is a love letter to the Northwest and all the dreamers out there who got lost on that elusive path toward happiness. A play about moving on.

Written with the support of the Pataphysics retreat led by Erik Ehn.

Kill the Keepers
A street spectacle with music and shadow

Incorporating elements of shadow play, live music, and street theater, Kill The Keepers blends Maurice Maeterlinck’s symbolist classic Pelleas and Melisanda with a dystopian New England landscape of floodwaters and lighthouses. Four rogue performers tell a tale of injustice, corruption, and forbidden love—a tale whose telling is in and of itself an act of high treason.

Developed with the support of the P73 Yale Summer Residency. Produced by Perishable Theater, Providence, RI.


Accompanied by a live sound score and shadow puppetry, Apartment explores the ironic isolation and solace found in overcrowded urban spaces. Inspired by the 2003 blackout in NYC, five people live alone in separate apartments, just inches apart from each other in the same crowded high-rise. As we visit each apartment, the sounds and sights of each character’s world overlap in a cacophonous visual and aural landscape. When a wrench gets thrown into their daily routines, the neighbors get to know each other whether they like it or not.

Produced by foolsFURY at Counterpulse, San Francisco.





Kill the Keepers