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I  N       D  E  V  E  L  O  P  M  E  N  T
Full Disclosure

A new short film written & directed by Mia Rovegno

Featuring: Charise Greene & Ryan Pater

What begins as a seemingly benign date between Darleen and Trent catapults forward as two strangers travel the span of a relationship inside one stream-of-consciousness conversation. The revelation of a few harmless quirks quickly accelerates down a navel gazing hole so deep, they stop being on their best behavior. Things get real as they disclose their deepest, darkest secrets of American privilege, existential despair and moral depravity.

An absurdist roller coaster ride set against a revolving door of NYC backdrops, Full Disclosure lends a slice of life love-letter-to-NYC levity to the contradictions that define urban identity in an age of information overload and capitalist consumption.

The Muse Project

written & performed by Tina Benko
Commissioned by and developed with the support of The New Group.
Artistic Collaborators